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And is Aerovega flying now? Remember how the mex govt grounded AVIACSA last year over nonpayments t

Do not waste your money on this one most stations are blank

Scanner App Idaho

None of the desirable larger cities are not available. In my case not usable. Would like to Jane a list of cities in advance. Save time and frustration.

Police Radio Pro

Could not get app to start on my iPhone 6

The best

Works as advertised.


Works perfectly

Great app

I use this while I do my security job to keep me informed on college campus so if I know law enforcement is on campus property to help them

Scanner 911 is way better

I bought two scanners this one and scanner 911 witch was half the price at .99 cents .. Scanner 911 has more channels and just added three scanners from hati after the quake!! This one is a waste compared to the other! So save a buck and get the other one.

Major City

San Jose, CA is listed as an active service area but has been down since I purchased the app :(

Best scanner Ive found...

Ive tried out at least four other scanners and couldnt find one that came through clear on all feeds. This one is fantastic, and the exclusives are worth it alone (D.C. Metro). I can receive my areas police radio loud and clear and the interface is quick and easy to use as well. Fantastic app, well worth the two dollars.


Really bad dont buy emergency radio instead much better was really disapointed wasted 2$ dont buy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Police Radio Pro

Enjoyed listing to Police Radio Pro for the road conditions and what was going on while we have been snowed in so far this winter (72+") for Anne Arundel County, MD..

Best ever!!!

I have downloaded tons of scanners...this one tops them all! Its reliable, and even gets my local ( small town in Iowa!!!!) unbelievable!!! It was worth the money, you wont regret it!

Best Scanner but...

Would be awesome if you added Palm Beach County Sheriffs Office in Palm Beach County, FL. PLEEEEAAAASE ADDDD!!!!!!! If added this app would be worth the money for sure!

Funny thing happened when syncing to iPad

Hmmm. iPad needs newer version of software, unable to put sync with iPad??? Strange thing this one. Works fine on iPhone, even on iOS4.0. Now why doesnt it work on iPad?

Nice when it works.

The feeds never seem to work at night, when all the action happens. The devs need to screen the feeds to make sure they arent bogus.

Police Radio Pro

A great app thats lots of fun to use. Customer Support could not be any better. There were two links for my area that were out of date and when I let Christopher know he made the corrections immediately.

My favorite police radio app!

I enjoy listening to my citys police radio at work, and while driving home. This is my favorite app for this purpose. The interface is clean and simple. I love it!


Like the updates


It isnt even real it says at the bottom of the info about it that it is for entertainment purposes only and doesnt connect to real police

Really Cool

It would be nice to have more frequences for my area, but customer service is very good and respond fast to request. If you request it, they will add it. I would recommend this app.

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